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Summer registration is now open! If you are a new student and unsure about level placement, please contact to set up a trial or virtual eval. Registration for our School Year classes will open July 17.

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Please note all Level 1-6 classes are by placement only. Contact us to help you with class selections:


Mini Combo 1 – For students who are brand new to dance and are enjoying their first moves. Minis will enjoy exploring basic techniques in ballet and jazz. 

Mini Combo 2 – For our youngest students, who have previously enjoyed a year of dance classes. Minis will explore basic techniques in ballet and jazz. 
Combo Classes (ballet/jazz, ballet/tap, hip-hop/tumble) – For our younger dancers with 0-2 years of experience in the selected styles. Students will work on basic techniques, while also enjoying a fun and upbeat class paired with kid-friendly music.
Teen 1 – For teens who have 0-2 years of experience, or getting back into the swing of things after a dance break. Students will concentrate on dance fundamentals along with stretch, strength, rhythm, and dynamics!
Level 1 – For our younger dancers who have 1-3 years of experience. Students will work to develop the control, precision, flexibility, strength, and lines necessary for dance, while also enjoying upbeat dynamics and music.
Level 2 – For our intermediate dancers who have 3+ years of experience. Dancers in level 2 will continue building their technical foundation, while working on musicality, flexibility, and strength.
Level 3 – For our intermediate dancers who have 3+ years of experience. Through an emphasis on proper technique, dancers will explore a wider range of movements and style. Classes will focus on placement, control, musicality, and transitions.
Level 4 – For our intermediate/advanced dancers who have 4+ years of experience. Utilizing their technical foundation, students will delve into more complicated moves and musicality, increasing their artistry, control, flexibility, versatility, and confidence.
Level 5 – For our advanced dancers who have 4+ years of experience. Dancers will utilize their strong foundational technique to master advanced steps and combinations, with emphasis on musicality, lines, flexibility, and artistry.
Level 6 – For our most advanced dancers who have 5+ years of experience. Dancers will focus on enhancing their versatility as artists while exploring many different styles within a genre and focusing on dynamics, transitions, professionalism, partnering, and beyond.


Ballet and Ballet Barre

Focused on proper alignment, placement, rotation, and technique, our ballet and ballet barre classes will build a foundation of fundamentals for skilled technicians and artists. 

Ballet shoes required


Combo Classes – Ballet/Tap or Ballet/Jazz

Dancers will explore basic techniques in each style, to develop their flexibility, body awareness, musicality, and footwork, while also enjoying a fun and imaginative class paired with kid friendly music.

Ballet shoes and Tap or Jazz shoes required depending on class registration 


Company Open (must be member of TMS Company)

Required for our Industry Company and encouraged for Movement Company - This class will broaden dancer's training beyond their foundation in technique, artistry, and style. With a rotation of TMS faculty and guest artists, dancers will be introduced to a variety of skills used in the professional dance world to continue to further expand their artist education. Classes will focus on fundamental techniques including dance for camera, film editing, music editing, music theory, injury prevention, health and wellness, improv, audition tips, choreography development, and so much more. 

Shoe needs will vary


Contemporary and lyrical classes will bridge jazz and ballet styles into expressive, emotive movement. Students will work to enhance their technique, control, transitions, and movement quality, while exploring new ways to develop their artistry and expression.

No shoes needed



With an emphasis on the roots of hip-hop movement and music, dancers will work to amplify their shapes, textures, and transitions, while finding their groove and confidence as performers.  

Sneakers required


Hip-Hop/Tumble Combo

Students will explore basic techniques in both hip-hop and tumbling, working on their shapes, lines, body awareness, and musicality, while enjoying kid friendly music and movement.  

Sneakers required



Dancers will utilize different improv exercises to expand their movement vocabulary across multiple styles of dance. In addition to individual improv, students will work in pairs and groups, and explore the realm of choreography development throughout the season.

No shoes needed



Our jazz classes explore an assortment of styles within the genre to include commercial jazz, musical theater, contemporary jazz, and beyond. Dancers will work to develop their technical foundation, executing more challenging jumps, turns, and skills as the levels progress. 

Jazz shoes recommended for levels 1-3


Mini Combo Classes

Dancers will explore basic techniques in ballet and jazz, to build a foundation of movement, while also enjoying a fun and imaginative class paired with kid friendly music.

Ballet shoes required



A prerequisite of four years studying ballet is required along with a teacher evaluation. Pointe will strengthen ankles and alignment, while working on classical ballet training both on and off the barre.

Pointe shoes required


Strength & Stretch

Students will work through a variety of methods to improve their flexibility and strengthen their body, with an emphasis on training for strengthening and elongating dancers. 

No shoes needed



After mastering basic steps and rhythms in tap, students will delve into more complicated sounds and combinations, expanding their musicality, specificity, dynamics, and confidence. 

Black lace up Oxford style tap shoes required


Turns & Leaps

Turns & Leaps class is recommended to students with at least 2-3 years of ballet and/or jazz training. Students will build on their strength, flexibility, and base skills, to perform more complicated turns, leaps, extensions, and tricks.

No shoes required, jazz shoes optional


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