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ABOUT The Movement Studios

From dancer to artist

The Movement Studios strives to transform everyday dancers into artists, building an excellent foundation in dance technique, no matter what styles the student studies. Established in 2016 by co-owners Krista Jennings and Nicole Klett, The Movement Studios serves to sculpt strong, well-versed dancers in a professional, family-focused atmosphere. With classes for students ages 3-18, we offer a multitude of styles for all abilities, along with three different tracks for competitive dancers.

Led by an award winning team, paired with inspiring faculty and a dedicated staff, The Movement Studios is a bustling home for aspiring dancers and artists. Not your average competition studio, the philosophy at TMS is one geared towards cultivation of artistry and preparation for the real world of dance. Beyond performance at competitions and conventions, we give dancers a platform to evolve as artists and discover their own unique talents through:

  • Workshops and intensives with the industry’s elite

  • Small classes to allow for one-on-one instruction

  • Progress meetings and report cards

  • Local showcases and performance opportunities

  • Assistant opportunities to build the next generation of dance teachers

  • Apprentice and work study programs


Feb 10

Feb 19-24

March 21

March 25

March 25-31

April 27-28

May 6-9

May 25-27

June 1

June 3

June 4

June 5

June 6

June 8

June 9

July 8

July 10

July 14

July 22-26

Aug 12-14


TMS Company Preview

Studio Pride Week

Summer Registration Opens!

Picture Day Sign Up Opens

Spring Break - Studio Closed

Picture Day Weekend

Creative Costume Approval Week

Holiday - Studio Closed

Final Tuition Billing

Last Day of Regular Classes

Cast A In-Studio Rehearsal

Cast B In-Studio Rehearsal

Cast C In-Studio Rehearsal

Cast A, B, C Dress Rehearsal at NVCC

Our 8th Annual TMS Revue!

Summer Session begins!

Company Audition Prep Class

Company Auditions

Summer Dance Camps

Industry Intensive



8004 Alban Rd

Springfield, VA 22150






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